Why Need To Learn SEO

Cyber light is offering the Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course for beginners at both online and our academy. It is more pioneering and complete course about SEO to participate in the International Market rivalry.

Now a days, you may get a lot of SEO DVD or you tube videos to learn SEO but the fact is, it is not enough to learn SEO properly. On the other hand learning from SEO DVD or you tube video, it is actually being one way that means you are not going to have the answers what you want to ask or you will not have the solutions of your problems. More while learning from YouTube or DVD, you will never know if you are learning black or gray hat SEO rather than organic white hat SEO. But we believe and teach only organic white hat SEO.

So, do not waste time on others thing what you have no need for your career. If you really want to build your career as a freelancer then our Basic Search Engine Optimization course will be right fit for you.

Basic Seo Course Outline

Total Number of Class : 16

Total Number Of Exam : 3

Course Fee : $ 150